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Iron Baluster

Iron Baluster

Caulk Gun Adaptor for 50ml Epoxy


Caulk Gun adaptor for 50ml Epoxy cartridge to fit into a standard Caulk Gun Great for single use epoxy adaptor saving the expense of buying an epoxy gun.

50 ml Metal Epoxy Gun


M25 Professional Grade Epoxy Gun 50 mL Metal Epoxy Applicator Durable for Dual Cartridge 50ml

50 ml Epoxy Black


50ML Epoxy Cartridge - coverage approx. 22 balusters Black - Fast Setting Requires Mixing Tip 1002-Tip

Rail Bolt Wrench 5/16


Rail-Bolt Wrench. Automatically Threads Nut With Rubber Band Onto 5/16 inch Bolt. Magnetic Pin Holds Nut in Place.

Coffman Stair Parts

Angled Base Shoe w/ Screw 1/2" Baluster


1/2" Square opening Angle Shoe with Set Screw, is used for Angle Wall (Kneewall) or Bannister under handrail. Shoes are used to hide the joint between the balusters and tread, top shoes are used on the top of the baluster under the handrail. Shoes can be...

Coffman Stair Parts

Base Shoe 1/2" Level w/Screw


1-1/4 inch OS diameter for 1/2" Iron Balusters Can be used for Level Base Shoe or Bannister use under Handrail with set screw Available in Black, Ash Gray, Oil Rubbed Copper and Oil Rubbed Bronze Compatible with all 1/2" width iron balusters

House of Forgings

Rectangular 1/2" Baluster


Aalto Series, 1/2 inch Baluster - 44 inch length Available in Black or Ash Grey, Tubular

Sure-Tite Newel Fastener


Sure-Tite Newel Fastening System, EZ-Mount 11 inches overall, 5-1/2 inch depth into foundation wood support Includes red-oak 1-1/2" tapered plug

Trim 24" for 3505 L Bracket


3505 Newel Fastening System - Red Oak 24" (2Ft) Wood Trim 2Ft Trim can be added for larger Box Newels Trim only - requires 3505 Base Kit Red Oak

Coffman Stair Parts

Round 1" Newel Mount Kit


Round Newel 1 inch Mounting Kit, includes sleeve and Mounting Fasteners

Epoxy Red Head A-501 Kit or A7P-10D


A7+ Adhesive RED HEAD A7+ is a high-strength, fast-cure adhesive that is designed to securely anchor threaded rod and rebar to cured concrete and masonry. A7+ is one of the most versatile anchoring solutions on the market, suitable for use in an...

Iron balusters date back to the Great Iron Age of India. These beautiful ornamental stair railings have been and continue to be a  crucial part of many historic architectural wonders from around the world as well as modern day homes and businesses. Iron balusters come in a wide variety of styles including, gothic traditional balusters, horizontal bars, mega large balusters, modern balusters, round balusters, round tuscan balusters, scroll balusters, straight balusters, straight with knuckle bar balusters , and twist and basket balusters. Known for its malleability and abundance, this decorative iron addition to staircases, balconies, and terraces can transform even the most dull staircase and hallway areas into a work of art. As one of the most widely seen and used areas of the home, a renovated staircase with iron balusters can leave a lasting impression to all who enter.