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Stair Parts

Stair Parts

Caulk Gun Adaptor for 50ml Epoxy


Caulk Gun adaptor for 50ml Epoxy cartridge to fit into a standard Caulk Gun Great for single use epoxy adaptor saving the expense of buying an epoxy gun.

50 ml Metal Epoxy Gun


M25 Professional Grade Epoxy Gun 50 mL Metal Epoxy Applicator Durable for Dual Cartridge 50ml

Wood Craft Newel Top 3-1/2"


Craftsman Newel Cap with matching trim for neck of Newel Post. Fits 4076 or any 3-1/2 Newel Post. Red or White Oak

50 ml Epoxy Black


50ML Epoxy Cartridge - coverage approx. 22 balusters Black - Fast Setting Requires Mixing Tip 1002-Tip

Rail Bolt Wrench 5/16


Rail-Bolt Wrench. Automatically Threads Nut With Rubber Band Onto 5/16 inch Bolt. Magnetic Pin Holds Nut in Place.

Sure-Tite Newel Fastener


Sure-Tite Newel Fastening System, EZ-Mount 11 inches overall, 5-1/2 inch depth into foundation wood support Includes red-oak 1-1/2" tapered plug

Craftsman Newel 3-1/2"


Craftsman Newel 3-1/2" width Red Oak, White Oak and Poplar options Flat Face Box Newel with Chamfered Top with Eased Edges Select "Best" Quality

New Post Trim Kit, Top-Neck-Sleeve (3pcs set) 24" Length

Box Newel Trim Kit


Trim for Box Newel 24" lengths Red, White Oak and Poplar options 3 piece set, good for 4901 and 4291 Box Newels Neck and Base Sleeve Trim

7599 Skandi 2R Gooseneck

7599 2R Gooseneck


2 Rise Gooseneck with for Skandi 6500 Available in Red Oak, White Oak  

Our Wood Collection includes - Newel Posts (Craftsman, Modern, Traditional, etc.), Stair Treads (Box or Return, Retro Overlay, Block, Bulnose Start Steps, etc.), Handrail in many shapes such as T-Rail, Colonial, Regency, Biltmore and Georgian. and Handrail Fittings for each profile. Balusters, Newel Caps, Fasteners to secure Newels-Fittings-Treads, with all accessories. Available in Red or White Oak, Primed, Poplar and many other species.