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Secondary Handrail - ADA

Secondary Handrail - ADA


Round Handrail 1-1/2" Diameter 92"


Round Handrail 92" Length, graspable to meet IRC requirements for secondary handrail system. Installs with screws and adhesive. 92 inch saves on oversize shipping charges. Fittings are available as Quick Return, Mid-Rail Brackets, Wall Mounts Handrail...


End Cap


Finishes End of handrail for 1-1/2 round handrail


Wall Mount Bracket


Attaches 1-1/2 round handrail straight into post of wall. Works for any surface 3-1/2 inch or wider. Includes handrail splice kit and screws


Inside Corner Bracket


Inside Corner Bracket attached 1-1/2 round 90 degree elbow inside corner rail to corner post


P-Loop Return


180 Degree handrail end is used for extend beyond post and return back to post. Requires a straight handrail splice splice on both ends and 2 Brackets to complete


90 Elbow - Inside/Outside Corner


90 degree rail used for inside and outside corner application. Requires a straight handrail splice splice on both ends


Multi-Angle Handrail Splice Kit


Connector kit joins 1-1/2 round handrail sections to allow multiple angle connections. Typically used for stair application


Handrail Splice Kit


Splice joints together, joints 1-1/2" round handrail. Kit includes one 1 splice and 1 splice ring. Splice ring is used to conseal the connection point  


Mid-Rail Bracket Kit


Attached 1-1/2" Round Handrail to Post or Wall Includes color matched screws and Mounts to any surface 2" or wider  


Quick Return Bracket Kit


Returns 1-1/2 round handrail into post and wall. Works for any surface 2" or Wider, installs with screws (included)  

1-1/2" DekPro Prestige Round Aluminum Handrail

Meets IRC, IBC Requirements

ADA Handicap Compliant