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Installation Accessories

Installation Accessories

Caulk Gun Adaptor for 50ml Epoxy


Caulk Gun adaptor for 50ml Epoxy cartridge to fit into a standard Caulk Gun Great for single use epoxy adaptor saving the expense of buying an epoxy gun.

50 ml Metal Epoxy Gun


M25 Professional Grade Epoxy Gun 50 mL Metal Epoxy Applicator Durable for Dual Cartridge 50ml

50 ml Epoxy Black


50ML Epoxy Cartridge - coverage approx. 22 balusters Black - Fast Setting Requires Mixing Tip 1002-Tip

Rail Bolt Wrench 5/16


Rail-Bolt Wrench. Automatically Threads Nut With Rubber Band Onto 5/16 inch Bolt. Magnetic Pin Holds Nut in Place.

Sure-Tite Newel Fastener


Sure-Tite Newel Fastening System, EZ-Mount 11 inches overall, 5-1/2 inch depth into foundation wood support Includes red-oak 1-1/2" tapered plug

Trim 24" for 3505 L Bracket


3505 Newel Fastening System - Red Oak 24" (2Ft) Wood Trim 2Ft Trim can be added for larger Box Newels Trim only - requires 3505 Base Kit Red Oak

Epoxy Red Head A-501 Kit or A7P-10D


A7+ Adhesive RED HEAD A7+ is a high-strength, fast-cure adhesive that is designed to securely anchor threaded rod and rebar to cured concrete and masonry. A7+ is one of the most versatile anchoring solutions on the market, suitable for use in an...

Irwin Speedbor Drill Bit


Irwin's Speedbor paddle drill bits for woodworking Controlled bite into wood with clean walls suitable for Plugs Variety of sizes

50 ml Epoxy Clear


50ML Epoxy Cartridge, coverage approx. 22 balusters Black - Fast Setting Requires Tip 1002-Tip

Rail Bolt - 3-1/2" Length


Hardware kit to join Handrail to Newels and Fittings Short 3-1/2 inch hanger bolt kit Red Oak Plug

Newel Mount Kit - L Bracket 3-1/2"


3505 Newel Fastening System. Four Metal "L" brackets with Wood Trim Available for 3-1/2 inch Optional 2Ft Trim can be added for larger Box Newels Red Oak

Installation Tools, Fasteners, Adhesive, Wrenches and Jigs to help with the installation

Our installation tools provide everything needed for a professional looking project, To cut the iron balusters most insert a 10" metal cutting blade into your wood miter saw. Just take a few seconds to cut the baluster and its much better to lay the iron down and use one hand to secure (keep from twisting) while cutting. Hack saw and grinders are harder to use. If you have a Bandsaw the cutting is so easy. Checkout our Drill Bits and assortment of Wrenches, Rail Bolt Drivers, Tapered Oak Plugs and Fasteners for Wood Newels. Glue and Epoxy is available in both Clear and Black.